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Scuola Politecnica di Design wants to thank everyone for participating this year in our edition of “Design Master Scholarships 2016”. The jury is honored to announce the winners of the student competition “Design students make a better world“.

Congratulations to Giuseppe Galletta (Master in Product Design), Aleksander krupa (Transportation and Car Design) and Gregorio Palmieri (Web and Digital Design).Thanks to the quality of the projects we decided to assign two scholarships in Visual Design to Henrique Iamarino e Maria Francisca Garcia Araya and two scholarships (50%) in Interior Design to Hamid Reza Sepehri and ​ Daniel Falcon Garcia.

SPD's jury is investigating some technical aspects of the received projects for the scholarships in Interior Design. We reserve a few days to communicate the results.

Category: Industrial Design
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Urban garden

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Urban garden is a system developed from 100% recycled Tetrapak. It is an ecological, economical and efficient solution that allows people to stock up through self-cultivation and to compost food waste.

Thereby strengthening the bond of people with the ground. “Urbano” is a 100 % sustainable and ecological system.

14 thoughts on “Urban garden”

  1. Jackson says:

    Great project!

  2. natalia says:

    We are naty and albert, we use the romina urban garden until 6 month, we did compost waste and cultive some plants, we recomend it to use every where with fresh aire and sun.

    1. Romina Rumi says:

      Thank you guys!

  3. Eduardo de Castro says:

    Excellent project!

  4. Antonio says:

    Amazing Project !!!

  5. Maria Laura says:

    Usefull, sustainable and still lovely designed!

  6. Milton Domingo says:

    Excelente proyecto! Muy amigable con el medioambiente

  7. Lorena Rivas says:

    Un proyecto genial!!!

  8. Graciela Fernandez says:

    EXCELENTE proyecto! !

  9. Graciela Gutiérrez says:

    Excelente proyecto y diseño. Muy útil para crear una huerta hogareña.

  10. Lote Garrido says:

    Congratulations!!. once again he surprised me a faithful follower

    1. Lorena Garrido says:

      Congratulations!!. once again he surprised me a faithful follower

  11. Romina Rumi says:

    Thanks you everyone for your support and nice words!!

  12. analitis nikos says:

    great idea

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