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Scuola Politecnica di Design wants to thank everyone for participating this year in our edition of “Design Master Scholarships 2016”. The jury is honored to announce the winners of the student competition “Design students make a better world“.

Congratulations to Giuseppe Galletta (Master in Product Design), Aleksander krupa (Transportation and Car Design) and Gregorio Palmieri (Web and Digital Design).Thanks to the quality of the projects we decided to assign two scholarships in Visual Design to Henrique Iamarino e Maria Francisca Garcia Araya and two scholarships (50%) in Interior Design to Hamid Reza Sepehri and ​ Daniel Falcon Garcia.

SPD's jury is investigating some technical aspects of the received projects for the scholarships in Interior Design. We reserve a few days to communicate the results.

Category: Interior Design
Project Title:

The Garden Of Peace

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Memorial Public Garden. The story is about the massacre that happened during the Civil war in Syria at august 16th 2013. Location: Syria, Homs, Al-Meshtayee. Victims: 9 people passed away. 5 military soldiers and 4 civilians (3 Boys and 1 young girl). The massacre happened in area between Islamic and Christian villages. Although all those people used to work and love each other but after the war they start hating each other which is a terrible situation.

My Philosophy: For the plan I took lines from where were we trapped, ISIS and the massacre place.Every side will have metallic tubes like we are trapped in this land and we have to find a way to live and respect one another. And water around the garden means life. I choose to put 1 cherry blossom tree symbolizing feminine because only 1 girl died.

The space in the middle will have a certain angle so you will feel uncomfortable when u walk and stand on which it means that life is hard and that their families and friends suffered a lot but they are still holding on. I choose freedom sculpture by Zenos Frudakis because as he said “I wanted to create a sculpture almost anyone, regardless of their background, could look at and instantly recognize that it is about the idea of struggling to break free.

This sculpture is about the struggle for achievement of freedom through the creative process.” There will be a wall that it is divided to 9 parts Because 9 persons have passed away, every part have chain to put a lock or to write something beautiful.

3 thoughts on “The Garden Of Peace”

  1. hazem akkari says:

    This is how project in Syria should be done.
    this is creativity

  2. Adele says:

    Das ist ein Creative projekt
    und Ich wünsche ,dass alles in syrien wieder besser werden,Das ist ein hübsches

  3. Bisher Hafez says:

    Nice concept and design :)

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