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Scuola Politecnica di Design wants to thank everyone for participating this year in our edition of “Design Master Scholarships 2016”. The jury is honored to announce the winners of the student competition “Design students make a better world“.

Congratulations to Giuseppe Galletta (Master in Product Design), Aleksander krupa (Transportation and Car Design) and Gregorio Palmieri (Web and Digital Design).Thanks to the quality of the projects we decided to assign two scholarships in Visual Design to Henrique Iamarino e Maria Francisca Garcia Araya and two scholarships (50%) in Interior Design to Hamid Reza Sepehri and ​ Daniel Falcon Garcia.

SPD's jury is investigating some technical aspects of the received projects for the scholarships in Interior Design. We reserve a few days to communicate the results.

Category: Transportation and Car Design
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Why buy a vehicle? If you do not need the vehicle, you need the service…What would happen if I tell you that you can solve your transport needs through a monthly or annual fee? And it will be cheaper than buy a car in every way…  If you pay for the service instead of the product you get more benefits, such as saving money and transportation for all family member, and in turn you can help to have a better world, because the vehicle that you are using always will be in the best conditions, using sustainable energy, with all seats occupied, without polluting emissions, and made with environmentally friendly materials.

Always you will have a new car, a new vehicle without worrying about taxes, insurances, repairs even the energy to move the vehicle will be paid and will cover all your family members. I can compare the system with other services as it is Spotify and Netflix, I think that the most important things will transform, and will change to this system, that offers high quality products through services, because the people do not need accumulate assets, the human being is not eternal, the human being is dynamic and is in constant motion, thus the products that we use must be equal. MOVI is simply the adaptation of this idea to the transportation system.

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