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Scuola Politecnica di Design wants to thank everyone for participating this year in our edition of “Design Master Scholarships 2016”. The jury is honored to announce the winners of the student competition “Design students make a better world“.

Congratulations to Giuseppe Galletta (Master in Product Design), Aleksander krupa (Transportation and Car Design) and Gregorio Palmieri (Web and Digital Design).Thanks to the quality of the projects we decided to assign two scholarships in Visual Design to Henrique Iamarino e Maria Francisca Garcia Araya and two scholarships (50%) in Interior Design to Hamid Reza Sepehri and ​ Daniel Falcon Garcia.

SPD's jury is investigating some technical aspects of the received projects for the scholarships in Interior Design. We reserve a few days to communicate the results.

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The earth or ‘the blue planet’ got its name from the aqua ocean which cover 70% of its surface. It was a big mystery world. Once,’Jacques Cousteau’ opened this world to the public through his camera lens and his invention as in his speech,

‘The sea, once it casts its spell, hold one in its net of wonder forever’.He presented his ‘silent world’ to be something touchable by his book and the first ocean documentary film making people realized how much the ocean is important for us and what is a beauty in this underwater world.

In common,he is known as oceanologist, inventor, writer, conservationist and film maker. For me, he is a big dreamer, adventurous and protector leading to my CALYPSO project, which come from his ship’s name. Calypso project is a poster set giving the information how people should treat the sea and marine creature.

I wanna be one hand to protect this marine world to make this beauty last longer. The graphic style inspired by his personalities combined with retro 90’s feeling from his living period and the charming mystery from ocean,the small galaxy in our world.

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